growing older is so weird. i am still but a child compared to some of my friends but when i find out that someone is 16 or younger i’m like whoa. i used to be that age. you’re so young. i can’t wait to see how you change in the next year or so

mako is your favorite character? oh that’s cool! wait… which mako??? kill la kill mako??? legend of korra mako??? pacific rim mako?¿?¿??

bolin is great

bolin and mako being brothers is great

mako is Not Great


riddle me this atheists: if god isn’t real then who is inside the kleenex box pushing up the next tissue

mintmusic said: Ah, don’t feel that way! Losing friends is hard, but hopefully that opens up room to find more friends who will love you no matter what.

don’t get me wrong, i have some great friends right now who make it obvious they care about me a whole lot and the gesture is returned — but i’ve just been getting over something for, well, a while now. i don’t know what i did wrong, but they evidently don’t even want to associate with me anymore. i tried to keep things together even when they were starting to fall apart, but hah, so much for that. i guess i’m mostly just tired of giving my all in friendships and not realizing that the other person doesn’t care before it’s too late.

you’d think i’d be used to losing friends by now


can i please check my e-meow?

i almost got rlly excited bc i thought a user i admire liked my post but then i realized they liked it because their friend reblogged it and now i am sad



we all live in a yolo swagmarine


ok i been wondering this for too long but WHO is that in your icon??

*rubs hands together like a mischievous fly*
that’s a character named hephaestus (yes, like the god) from a webcomic i really like called olympus overdrive.

the webcomic is by one of my favorite artists and main inspirations and it follows a group of teens and young adults who fill out the same survey online and are assigned to a deity to fight alongside of unknowingly.

they find out that they’re part of this game called the olympus overdrive in which the deities have created to see who should be crowned king or queen of olympus. all the mortals and their deities fight against each other until there’s only one pair left, and then they win the olympus overdrive.

it’s not very far in and we haven’t even seen much of most of the characters (the panel time is pretty even between the characters, though) and i’ve fallen in love with how hephaestus is represented.

i hope this helps and i hope you check it out!

welp. the summoner is probably going to happen in 2015. yep


happy pb&j day have some weird nerds

guys its PB&J DAY!!